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Quality. Diversity. Reach. Three words that truly define the World of Bolgan Globals. From our main offices in Ukraine, over the past years we have established ourselves as one of the leading distributors of FMCG products across Ukraine.

The objectives and the functions of Bolgan Globals are most well defined by our vision and objective to explore new areas, something reflected in our understanding as to why we exist, and what fundamental principles are most important to us.

It provides a clear image of a successful future for the manufacture, sub- distributors and end consumers, with the purpose of creating opportunity

for each of us to excel and grow in today’s competitive  market. We lead by our core values, as we insist on functioning with the utmost integrity in all situations, taking the initiative to meet challenges with creativity and intelligence, while constantly pushing the high technology envelope.

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Today, as one of the fastest growing enterprises in Ukraine we are constantly diversifying into new areas of activity. Leading the management team of the best professionals in the relevant fields and a constant practice to ensure that the best quality system are in place, we wish for the best.

The range of first-class products is truly diverse: antiseptic cream Boro Plus, Pain Relief Ointments, Face and Body Creams, Oils and Varied Shampoos and Anti-cold Ointment.

Our vision: bridging the gap between people and quality products, with innovations in various ranges of our activity.

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